Friday, November 17, 2006

Birthday Party!!

Hey everyone or someone! Im Brennen Hope and Im turning 13 in 3 days but my party is in 2 days! About 25 of my friends are coming and it's going to be at Amazing Jake's. November 19th is also the day when i get my v8 jet black podcast fm/am/xm radio krzr with camera and unlim. texting! Also i only have 3 more days until...I am a teenager which means only 3 more days to order off of the kids menus =( Well today's Friday and my party's on sunday so i guess it's gonna be a long two days since most things r like that especially when I get excited =)

Well much love to everybody who's birthday is november 20th and too anyone reading my blogs =P

C'ya l8r and my name's Brennen and hope u have a wonderful Day!

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